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Taking steps to improve High Frequency FX Trading infrastructures.

Executive Summary

The webinar is designed for high frequency FX trading firms who are looking for cost effective ways to optimise their entire end-to-end connectivity pathways. It will be examining:

  • Choices of ultra-low latency network pathways into multiple FX trading venues for more distributed HF trading
  • The most challenging latencies facing HFT firms and how to address these
  • The benefits of applying disruptive new technologies to existing FX trading infrastructures
  • The relative merits of hardware versus software solutions for meeting specific HFT objectives
  • Deployment of new JVM technology to overcome Java application latency and jitter behavior
  • Faster and more efficient methodologies for capturing, storing and replaying market data
  • Total cost of ownership, SLAs and “buy versus build” considerations for sourcing Network and IT services

Moderator: Larry Levy, Digital Media Manager – e-Forex


Thursday 27th February 2014

TIME: 3.00pm London
  9.00am Chicago
  10.00am New York
  4.00pm Paris
  10.00pm Hong Kong
  11.00pm Tokyo







If you are a professional in the high frequency FX trading industry, you cannot afford to miss this important webinar.

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