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CEO, Gold-i

As CEO and Founder, Tom Higgins is the driving force behind Gold-i. His experience in financial technology spans over 25 years, having spent most of his career in The City, London. By focusing on continual innovation and developing technology to help MetaTrader brokers to make more money, cut costs and reduce risk, Tom has grown Gold-i into a market leading global FinTech company, with offices in the UK, China, Japan and Turkey.

CEO, oneZero Financial Systems

As CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew brings extensive experience in both the software development and financial technology fields to his role at oneZero. He has led oneZero’s growth from a start-up to a global leader in enterprise-level software solutions for participants in the retail forex market. His primary areas of focus are product design, industry and competitive analysis, and managing long term partnerships.

CEO, Tools For Brokers

As the CEO and Founder of Tools for Brokers, Aleksey Kutsenko provides the insight and inspiration for the Tools for Brokers team. After 3 years in a brokerage company as of Head of Dealing and Technology he then founded his own FinTech company and expanded globally. With his engineering background, he is not only in charge of the strategic management for Tools for Brokers, but also takes an active role in product design and development. 

Executive Summary

This webinar is designed for Retail FX brokers, Platform developers, White Label partners, Software architects and FX Liquidity providers

It will be exploring:

■  Why increasing numbers of brokers are looking to migrate to the MT5 platform 
■  What re-engineering of technology and re-organisation of back office operations will be required 
■  What steps brokers can take to manage the different liquidity streams across multiple asset classes in MT5
■  Whether legacy EA’s and client side signalling systems will still work in MT5 or will need to be re-written
  Institutional grade ‘conversion kits’ that are available to switch automated systems and money manager signalling systems to MT5  
■  How brokers can capture the business benefits of MT5 as speedily as possible by optimising the new platform integration process
■ What business and deployment strategies brokers can adopt to minimise disruption as they transition to MT5
■  Implications for retail FX technology providers in terms of future product development as MT5 becomes the platform of choice 
■  What attributes retail FX brokers should be looking for from suitable technology partners to help them in transitioning to MT5

Moderator:  Larry Levy, Digital Media Manager – e-Forex

If you are a professional in the Retail FX industry,
you cannot afford to miss this important webinar.

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If you are a professional in the retail forex industry, you cannot afford to miss this important webinar.



Wednesday 7th June 2017

TIME: 4.00pm Johannesburg
  10.00am New York
  3.00pm London
  4.00pm Frankfurt
  10.00pm Hong Kong
  11.00pm Tokyo